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What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the process of removing unwanted hair permanently by inserting a small, sterile probe into the unwanted follicle, introducing a sufficient amount of electrical current directly to the cells responsible for regrowth.  This current destroys those cells, and then the offending hair is removed.  When performed correctly, the skin will heal to it's previous state, but the follicle will be damaged so that it is no longer capable of reproducing a new hair shaft.


How Long Does it Take?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell with exact certainty how many sessions will be required to remove all of your unwanted hair.  It is very different for everyone, and there are many variables that all effect the length of your treatment time.  To give you a rough estimate*, please view the chart below to gain a better understanding of the treatment process.


Does it Hurt?

Because we are destroying cells, there is usually some degree of discomfort involved.  The equipment we use is very modern, and because of this the pain is very minimal when compared to other methods of electrolysis.  It is usually a small burst of heat that varies in intensity depending on the situation.  The pain levels our clients experience are quite a vast range, but many of our clients find it to be quite tolerable without using anything to reduce the discomfort.


Possible Side Effects

Most people experience temporary side effects following a session, most often including redness and swelling. Occasionaly, especially when work is done on the body, scabbing may occur. These symptoms can last anywhere from an hour to a couple weeks and is considered normal. As long as you take care of your skin following treatment and DO NOT pick or irritate the area they should heal up fine and you'll be back to normal (but with less hair).

aftercare, if done properly, can prevent any of these side effects from becoming serious. If the aftercare instructions are not sufficiently followed, scarring and/or hyper-pigmentation could result.

During your initial session we cover all of these risks and factors in detail and make sure you have all the information you'll need to keep your skin looking beautiful!

Is it Safe?

Yes! Electrolysis has had a history of safe and effective hair removal since 1875. During that time there has never been a reported case of disease transmission in electroylsis. Our equipment is sterilized before each treatment, and we use a brand new sterilized probe for each individual session so there is never any chance of cross contamination.


What About Regrowth?

Some regrowth is expected to occur throughout the treatment.  Occasionally, especially with very thick hair, the energy required to completely destroy the hair is more then the skin is capable of handling without risk of overtreatment.  When this happens only some of the cells responsible for regrowth are desroyed, and the remaining cells will produce a noticeably finer, smaller hair.  Each follicle generally requires 1-3 treatments each to obtain a permanent kill.

Regrowth should not be confused with new growth, which is what we see when a new cycle of hair is introduced.  For more information on hair cycles, and how they can effect treatment duration, please visit our
Treatments section.


Do You Work With the Transgender Community?

Absolutely! In fact, it's our specialty! And you would have a difficult time finding a place that is more trans-friendly and supportive than us. Hair removal is an important step in the transition process, and we fully understand just how imperitive a good result is for a transgender woman's quality of life. With that in mind we work together with our transgender clients to help them keep the process as smooth and easy as possible.


Brazilian/Intimate Areas

Yes, we do intimate work on both men and women, for both cosmetic reasons as well as surgical preparation.  We are always professional and we work hard to make things as easy and comfortable as we can for our clients.


Insurance Acceptance

We currently are not accepting any insurance, but if your insurance provider does cover electrolysis we can provide you with a receipt that can be submitted for reimbursement.  These receipts to require additional information to be added, and are therefore only made available upon request.

Cost per Session

Our pricing is charged by the amount of time spent and is as follows:


15 min - $42.50

30 min - $65.00

45 min - $87.50

60 min - $110

Additional time is billed at a rate of $110/hr in 15 minute increments.

Additional $20/hr fee will be added if we are doing a Brazilian clearing.

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